Roug Design

Roug design is an one-man company owned and operated by designer Lars Roug. Roug Design is based in Humlebaek only 50 minutes by train from Copenhagen airport (CPH). Map.

3D modeling.

Roug design visualizes products / dreams with 3D modeling. Save money on product development with 3D modeling - avoid critical mistakes.

Car design/Autostyling 

Roug Design is a Danish industrial design consultancy that offers styling projects to cars, trucks and yacht design.

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Industrial design

In addition to transportation design, Roug design also offers design projects in the industrial design market.

Yacht design

Concept design and 3D modelling of new yachts, such as design and styling for design of decks, cabin and innovative thinking in yacht interiors.

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3D animation VR 

Feature where you on a web page can rotate a product. The image above is an example, move the image around via the mouse.
More about animation VR.


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Roug design / Lars Roug • Langebjergvej 558 • 3050 Humlebaek • Phone +45 36 96 45 58 • Skype: larsroug
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