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Roug Design is a Danish design company, which provides consultancy services in 3D modelling and concept design ideas for the design of design and styling mainly for transport within the automotive and yacht industry. Roug Design also solves design projects in the product/industrial design area.

Roug Design is owned and operated by the transportation designer Lars Roug who graduated from Coventry University with a BA (hons), transportation / product design in 2005.

In addition to design development, Roug design also offers 3D modeling. The 3D work with Nordship yachts contributed to exceeding their sales projections by almost 100 % before any yachts were actually build, Nordship yahct projects.




industrial design, designing in progress  

Car design – Auto styling.

  • Design development and design within car design as an example for:
    • Design of a new car concept
    • Electric cars
    • Trucks
    • Ergonomic interior design solutions
    • Aftermarket products for the automotive market
    • Rim design
    • Graphic solutions for vehicles (decals)
    • more info

Boat design.

  • Concept design and 3D modeling of new boats, such as, design and styling for the design of:
    • decks
    • cabins
    • and new thinking within yacht interiors.
    • Suggested graphic paint for boat hooks and sails (decals) for company corporate branding.
  • More info

3D Modeling.

  • Check the value of your investment with 3D Modeling.
  • Roug design visualizes your products / dreams with 3D Modeling.
  • With 3D Modeling you can have the value of your products tested before production.
  • Save money on your product development with 3D Modeling - avoid critical mistakes
  • 3D Modeling is crucial in your product development.

Animation VR

Industrial design.

  • In addition to transportation design Roug Design also offers design projects in the Industrial design market.

Graphic design.

  • Logo design - Graphic design development of logo in close collaboration with the customer, to come up with some suggestions that can be worked from and develop.
  • Identity branding - Visual identity - business cards, stationery. Suggestions for web pages .
  • DTP - Do you have a text that needs to be set up with pictures, for example in a report, it needs to be made more exciting and I want it to look better than just something written in a regular writing program, I have the tools for that.
  • See more at graphic design.

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Contract and prices.



Price and subscription voucher scheme

Introduction prepay.

Advance payment on introductory price amounts. The amount covers i.a. the time Roug design (Rd) spends on researching and finding out what the assignment consists of. In addition, what information must be obtained from the customer before the project can begin.

During the introduction period, Rd will suggest the most obvious contract form and discount scheme, in relation to the assessed scope of the project.

Subscription agreement.

Rd offers 3 different subscription schemes, all of which run over 12 months. The more hours you sign up for as a customer, the higher the discount you will receive. During this 12-month period, the amount (Value amount) is written down according to the selected subscription.

The size of the discount depends solely on the business volume.

The advantage of signing up for more hours is that it gives more opportunity for the project to be designed, changed and adapted within the year. In addition to making sure that the desired resources in Rd are present and taking into account that there may be periods during a year when a design task can stand still.

Contact for prices

If the selected subscription is not full used in the end of the 12-month period entered into, up to 75% of the unused initial value can be transferred to a new subsequent 12-month period. This will only be possible by entering into a new framework agreement.

If you wish to continue cooperation and subscription after the 12 months, or after the working hours have been consumed, this will be agreed at the time in question.

Different type of negotiation.

It is not possible to negotiate other offers or discounts that are outside of Rd’s normal hourly price or the discount scheme already stated.


Whether a design concept goes into production or whether there are investors for the project is irrelevant to Rd and can therefore never be held responsible.


Rd owns the concept until the final payment is made by the customer. This means that the customer does NOT have the right to use the material publicly, on a website, etc. It is also not legal for the project to be put into production. Until the final payment is made, it is only Rd who has directed to mention the project in his portfolio.

In production.

If a project goes into production, a new contract must be written between Rd and the customer, which must deal with topics such as: ownership rights, possible royalty agreement, and how Rd is referred to in the project.


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Profile Lars Roug.



Innovative Industrial designer with extensive experience in automotive design, yacht design, and other products.

With own design company since 2006.

Roug design, car design, Roug yachting car design, Roug yachting, rough sailing, optimist, happy designer
Roug yachting, rough sailing, optimist, happy designer, car styling, rouge artist, rough sailing, optimist, happy designer, car styling, rouge artist, rouge sail
optimist sailor, happy designer, car styling, rouge artist, roug sailing happy designer, car styling, rouge artist, roug sailing, cristine las
Full name Lars Roug
Date of birth 20th of April 1977, Hoersholm (Copenhagen).
Gender Male
Nationality Danish
  • Danish - Native
  • English Proficiency - Fluent
  • Understands scandinavian languages, Norwigian and Swedish

Coventry University. School of art & design.
BA (hons) Transport / Product design.

  Full Cv

Langebjergvej 558
DK-3050 Humlebaek (North of Copenhagen) 

Phone +45 36 95 45 58 - Not a mobile number
Portfolio download PDF format
SoMe profiles
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To job applicants.



job applicants.

Roug design has no open positions, but is happy to receive unsolicited inquiries, which has often happened that the undersigned has received unsolicited inquiries either from well-qualified engineers and designers. It should be noted that Roug design is a one-man company and the design studio is in the undersigned's home in Humlebæk.

In terms of possible work for designers and engineers, Roug design works every day to be seen and heard. Therefore, Roug design are more interested in a usable network of designers and engineers than being able to offer a job.


internship applicants.

Roug design can offer some sort of  internships to school students, like  job applicants have Roug design also received mails from students who was looking for an internship.

If a student from a school wants to apply, it will be preferred that the inquiry takes place via the student's teacher or school supervisor.


Assignment for job / internship applicants.

I would like to give the applicant an assignment, it is an assignment that can be solved either by writing in the application or in a preparation for a possible meeting:

  • How do you see Roug see design, as a brand.
  • How would you brand Roug design.
  • What would you like do for Roug design.
  • How do you think Roug design can improve its brand and marketing so there will be more design projects in the future.
  • Which company does the applicant think ..
    • is a competitor that Roug design needs to be aware of.
    • Roug design should contact as a designer and apply for a job at.
    • Roug design should take inspiration from and why.
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Dream Team.


dream team, roug design  

Currently looking for an advisory board, where I am mainly looking for people with competencies within:

  • HR understanding person, possibly HR education and background
  • Marketing strategy people.
  • Journalist and creative with words
  • Lawyer who has experience with contract descriptions.
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