About Roug Design.

Roug Design is a Danish design company, which provides consultancy services in 3D modelling and concept design ideas for the design of design and styling mainly for transport within the automotive and yacht industry. Roug Design also solves design projects in the product/industrial design area.

Roug Design is owned and operated by the transportation designer Lars Roug who graduated from Coventry University with a BA (hons), transportation / product design in 2005.

In addition to design development, Roug design also offers 3D modeling. The 3D work with Nordship yachts contributed to exceeding their sales projections by almost 100 % before any yachts were actually build, Nordship yahct projects.

Competence and services.    

What do you need? Have a look at my skills and services.    
  • 3D modelling.
  • No matter what kind of concept you have in mind, Roug design is a great place to start because I can give life to ideas and concepts through 3D modelling.
    To mention some important 3D projects I have worked with Nordship Yachts on two 3D projects, The 3D work contributed to Nordship Yachts exceeding their sales projections by almost 100 % before any yachts were actually build.
    3D modelling could be for instance the area within design of auto styling, yacht design, interior design or 3D styling renderings for architectural projects.
    Please note I am not offering 3D printing.

  • Animation VR.
  • As an extra feature to the 3D modelling, I can now offer animation VR. More information about animation VR.

  • Car design - Auto styling.
  • Design development and design within the automotive design, as for example to electric cars, trucks, ergonomic interior design solutions and aftermarket/entertainment products for the automotive market.

  • Yacht design.
  • Concept design and 3D modelling of new yachts, such as design and styling for design of decks, cabin and innovative thinking in yacht interiors.

  • Industrial design.
  • In addition to transportation design Roug Design also offers design projects in the Industrial design market.

  • Graphic design services.
  • Graphic Design / DTP
    Web Design
    Web Search advice - better google optimization.

Contract and prices.    


I have an hourly rate, but depending on what project and how much the project will last may be talking about an agreed price. There may also be negotiated royalty. When a project starts to be signed a contract. I have a starter switch which I will ask the customer to sign up at the first meeting, which is about how I follow the Danish VAT legislation.

If a project starts up, there will be written a shared contract in particular covers payment and rights.

The contract are written in association with a lawyer.




Innovative Industrial designer with extensive experience in automotive design, yacht design, and other products.

With own design company since 2006.

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Full name Lars Roug
Date of birth 20th of April 1977, Hoersholm (Copenhagen).
Gender Male
Nationality Danish
  • Danish - Native
  • English Proficiency - Fluent
  • Understands scandinavian languages, Norwigian and Swedish

Coventry University. School of art & design.
BA (hons) Transport / Product design.

  Full Cv

Langebjergvej 558
DK-3050 Humlebaek (North of Copenhagen) 

Phone +45 36 95 45 58 - Not a mobile number
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To job applicants.    

    Over the last years several interesting job applicants, potential business partners or students who would like an internship have contacted me. Most people who have contacted me found my website on Google, and they represent nationalities from all over the world. Obviously, I am pleased to be contacted, and I hope sometime to be able to join some of these individuals professionally.
Dream Team.    


At the moment I am looking for the dream team. This means a team of marketing/branding people who would like to promote and brand Roug Design.


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