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Animation VR by Roug design.


Roug design offers animation VR
on the following page are all animations collected.
A rendering or animation can be solved in the following ways:

  1. I will receive technical drawings, and builds the product up in 3D. From the 3D model I will either render the 3D model with some standard renderings or render it as an animation-VR.
  2. You have 3D modelled the product yourself and send me the 3D file. The rendering software can open mainly all 3D files.
  3. If you have the product in production, it can 3D scanned by someone who offers it. Then I will receive the 3D file and renderer it or animate the file.
  4. The product is in production, but instead of scanning the product I will 3D model the product, and make a rendering or animate it

The animations are made into an html 5 page and are easy to ad on a website



Consultant projects.

Design competitions.

Own projects.



Consulting projects.


SCSE Capital ApS | 3D illustrator.

3D modelling of an office building • April 2013

  • Design proposals for modification of the building.
  • Delivered project ahead of schedule.




TEYTAUD Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S | 3D Stylist.

Teytaud. Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S and Ejerforeningen Østerpark.

3D modelling of a façade renovation.


Ilse Jacobsen • Hornbæk | 3D illustrator.

Ilse Jaobsen • May 2011

  • Created a detailed 3D rendering of the designer’s corporate brand “the rain boot”.


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Bike design, designing a bike, smart bike, cool bike, nice bike, ride a bike  

The Negr bicycle | Designer.

3D design concept.

  • The client needed a designer and 3D modeller to build up the concept bike cycle in 3D.
  • Due to lack of funding the project stopped.
  • have a detailed description of the whole episode, which can be sent by mail.
  • The year later I redesigned some details on the bike.


Click on the picture to view the 3D illustrations.


Nordship Yachts ApS | 3D modeling and advisory designer.

Several projects • 3D modelling and concept report • Nordship Yachts • April 2007 - May 2009

  • 2009 • Nordship 360 DS.
    • Conceptualised and created a new 3D model of a luxury yacht with details being repeated from the previous project with Nordship Yachts.
    • The Nordship 360 DS along with 3D illustrations had premiered at the Düsseldorf International Boat Show in Germany - January 2010.
  • 2007 • Nordship 380 DS.
    • 3D modelling of a 38-footer yacht.
    • The 3D work contributed to Nordship Yachts exceeding their sales projections be- fore any yachts were build.
  • 2007 Group concept report
    • Group report on new interior design concepts for yacht interior design.


Click on the picture to view the 3D illustrations.


Design competitions


Aquila Adamo  

Aquila Racing Cars ApS | Finalist.

January 2014

  • Designed a race car based on a newly developed chassis.
  • Reached the finals consisting of the seven best participants out of 27.
  • The 7 finalists’ concepts were exhibited at Aquilas stand at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham, January 2014.

I worked with Torben Nyegaard Poulsen, where we had two weeks to design a concept. A proposal which was selected among the 7 finalist to improve the design. At the next stage, we had 8 weeks to design a new and improved proposal.



To view details click on the picture.


Ilva design competition.

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Own projects.


vingesejl, skibstransport, bæredygtighed  

Bugatti • Sophus • Concept

Corona luckdown project. April 2020.
The exercise was to build a model up by building up some large surfaces, thereby cutting into the surfaces.

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Cool plane concepts, flight concept, aviation design, Automotive Design Workshops, David Hilton, Cologne  

Automotive Design Workshops • David Hilton • Cologne

In August 2010 I went for a five-day intensive sketching course, held by car designer David Hilton in Cologne, Germany. The first two days were quick sketch drawing methods. The last three days of the course were spent on developing one of the ideas we had sketched the first two days and then either build up the idea as a clay model or a 3D Alias model. I designed a single person jet seaplane. The product is a noisy product a little bid like jet skis. Most people hate them, but the user loves it.

Jet-powered seaplane. The project started with a simple sketch. The top picture is the original idea of the 3D model I made in Cologne. Sadly I could not open the last alias file from the course on my computer, due to some server coding and the rendering images I made down there could not be opened either on my computer. The top rendering is from a previous file, which I could open on my computer. I therefore build up a new model with better details.

April 2014 I decided to redesign the concept.

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Chevrolet concept, car design concept, roug design  

Chevrolet • Hvalborg

April 2014
The exercise was to build a model up by starting to build up some large surfaces, thereby cutting into the surfaces.

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automotive design, roug design, golfing design, golfcart, golf cart design, cool golf cart  

Golf cart

February 2012
An idea I got due to a Danish company who launched their idea of a the golf cart, but my view on it was that there was not much new about it compared to what there were already on the market of golf carts.

In 2008 I started to look what could be made better by looking at the golf carts that are out on the market. One of the details I think that is a problem at current golf carts is to fasten golfbags in the rear, which is often with some cheap materials on the cart. Furthermore I also looked at the ergonomics and playing with the idea that there should be able to sit 3 adults beside each other, therefore I came up with a circular bench instead of the straight benches that are on traditional golf carts.

Therefore my idea is that in the rear are integrated golfbags so you put the golf clubs into the car, plus in the rear there is a folding chair for a fourth player.

I have looked at the design concept several times, and improved details over time.

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Truck with no blind spots

February 2012
You cannot fix blind spots simply by new technology in old aged design. To solve the blind spots the truck design needs a new design.

More details click on the picture.


stilettos, sexy stilettos, sexy shoes, sexy nike shoes, sexy sports shoes,  

Integrate sports brands with formal stilettos.

The concept behind is that I would like to understand the shape of high heel shoes. My idea was to build up a basic high-heeled shoe up in 3D. From the basic 3D model I would try to integrate sports logos into the shoe, then to design the shoe so it would look like that it was a sports brand that went into the stilettos business. I will then design different shapes of heels.

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