Coventry University. School of art & design | BA (hons) Transport / Product design.

Coventry University, international design Graduate, portfolio folder  

September 2001 - June 2005.

  • 2D sketching and formal rendering | Freehand perspective drawing | 3D model-
    ling | Ergonomics | Concept drawings | Automotive design | Yacht design | Product design | Engineering Principals | Formal Presentation skills | Work with the industry, LTI group concept | Design Research and analysis | Packaging | Clay model-making.
  • Two projects suggested patented.
  • Internship at Volkswagen, South Africa, Port Elizabeth.
  • Final major project - Replacing a South African icon - A little VW (bakkie) pickup
  • Further information please have a look at the website from Coventry

Final projects • September 04 - June 05


Volkswagen South Africa, Citi Golf, bakkie, cheap vehicles, bakkie culture, golf bakkie

Final major project • Replacing a South African icon.

A little VW (bakkie) pickup to the South African market.

Although it is difficult to replace an icon, I believe it is necessary for Volkswagen South Africa to design a true and genuine VW bakkie. The major reasons being:

  • South Africa needs cheap vehicles. Some of VW's biggest competitors such as Opel and Ford have modern, but simple half ton bakkies.
  • The South African bakkie culture, allowing for transport of people and materials on the flat bed.
  • Volkswagen means “people's car” in German. If Volkswagen has to live up to its image of making a car for the people, it is my opinion Volkswagen needs to deliver what the people would like to have.
  • Volkswagen needs a car that can be repaired by the rural areas and in the bush.
  • The old A1 bakkie is an old fashioned design, but it does look classic compared with its competitors, and stands out from the crowd.

Download pdf presentation (5.6 mb)

Pictures from the degree show.

Pictures of the model, pictures by Svend Dyrvig.


Final year project loaded into in KeyShot rendering.

February 2012, I loaded the 3D model from my final year project into Keyshot. Click on the picture view the Keyshot renderings.

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Final minor project • Suitcase with a built-in scale.

To travel is to live.

... and of he went with trunks of heavy luggage. In these days travelling meant horse carriages, and servants eager to carry the heavy luggage, so heavy luggage wasn’t an issue.

Later came the ocean liners and trains and still you could travel with almost unlimited luggage. Weight was not a problem, partly because the carriers were not concerned about the weight and partly because there were always porters available to carry the luggage for the exhausted traveller. Things have changed since then. Today most travellers go by air and for the airlines weight is certainly a consideration. Fuel consumption is directly linked to the amount of weight to be transported. Hence weight has become a cost issue.

Read more about the concept, Download the pdf presentation (2.2 mb).

Royalty and sale.

Having finalised the project, the university encouraged me to seek royalty rights for the idea. Unfortunately there was a patent on the idea already.

I nevertheless pursued the idea and was in contact with engineers and the suitcase industry.

The meetings revealed that strain gages were the solution to self-weight system.

Strain gages are very cheap nowadays, and found in all sorts of products.

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Internship - Volkswagen Group • South Africa.


Volkswagen south africa, golf 1, auto design, aftermarket, automotive industry, automotive industry, automotive entertainment  

Volkswagen group, South Africa (VWSA) | Design internship.

BET (Body, Electrical & Trim) department • Internship when studying at Coventry University •  VW South Africa • June - September 2004

  • Assisted with design changes for local market models, this includes colour & trim,
    minor body and trim component changes, decals, design concepts for associated
    projects. Citi Golf A1 - VWSA’s top selling car in South Africa.
  • Showcased various African leather car interior looks in Photoshop for the
    international VW market.
  • Taught two VWSA designers in photoshop.




The Tv add for the Citi Golf 2006 model.

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3rd year • september 03 - june 04


Lti, Urban taxi, london taxi, taxi design  

Internship interview to LTI now LECV.

In preparation for the placement interview, I was assigned the short task:

To take the dimensions of a Smart car, stretch the wheelbase by 300mm and style it as an LTI (now LECV) urban taxi.

I had a week to do the brief.

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Lars Roug . Lti  

Group project • Urban Taxi.

Urban taxi that could accommodate a wheelchair.

Click on the picture for details.


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Danish design, electric car, Green Tech Technologies, Greentech Technology

Design competition

December 2003.
Transportation design students from 19 distinguished schools around the world were invited to take a popular vehicle that was manufactured in their own country and project it to the year 2015.

Click on the picture for details.

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2nd yaer • September 02 - June 03


Jaguar e-type, coventry university, auto styling  

Auto styling.

Redesign of Jaguar E-type.

Click on the picture for details.

January 2012 I choose to redesign the design in Alias studiotools, it took around 2-3 days.

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Alias project.

We had to present it in powerpoint.

January 2012 I choose to redesign the design in Alias studiotools, it took around 2-3 days.

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Ergonomics • Innovation project.

To make it easy to load a child into a child's seat. Without hurting the back, this being a common problem.

I came up with an idea for a platform, which you can cover in the boot when not in use. The child's seat is attached to the platform. When the child is loaded to the seat the platform is pulled out.

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ergonomics, coventry university  

Ergonomics • interiors project

A car for a single mother with two kids.
Based on a Ford Focus platform.

Click on the picture for details.

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1st yaer • September 01 - June 02


ergonomics, coventry university

Group project • Ergonomics Micro Excavator.

June 2002
Application has been made to patent certain parts of the construction. Some details are consequently omitted.Application has been made to patent certain parts of the construction. Some details are consequently omitted.

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2D & 3D graphics • 20th of March 2002

The project was designed for students to learn about 2D and 3D graphics and to understand the role of the Industrial designer in the industry.

We worked with five sections:

  1. Typeface Design
  2. Pictograms
  3. Corporate Identity Design
  4. Perceptional Effects
  5. Redesign of the Cadbury CDM bar

1 - Typeface Design
Design an alphabet with your own font and write: 'Typographical Genius'.

2 - Pictograms
Present a series of six pictograms with the same subject.

My six pictograms was about child birth: labour ward, pregnancy, abortion, a warning to look out for mothers with baby carriages, breast feed area and non breast feed area. The last two could be used in public areas.

3 - Corporate Identity Design
Design your own graphic identity, including a logo, using your own typeface

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jowett Javelin, coventry university, ba (hons), retro design

Spiritual successor.

March 2002.
To choose an old vehicle, the design that I believed had a high degree of aesthetic merit, visual character or other design qualities.

We were asked to produce a range of drawing of the classic car, and then after come up with a redesign. We were asked to do a foam model.


The redesign.

To redesign the Jowett Javelin I have decided take some of the features to my new design - the grille, Chrome Styling strip, doorhandles, the cill and the coulor in wheel rim.

I have chosen to redesign Jowet logo with the letters of Arial.

I have chosen to take inspiration from apple computers with their idea of crystal clear, wich is the Chrome Styling strip there is one whole unit with lights and Logo name.

As I saw the Jowett I saw it as a middle class sedan family car.

My jowett is 4386.5 mm long 1440.8 mm high 1728 mm wide

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