Ilva design competition.

ilva design   2013
A contest where you could design a whole room.
When Torben and I had previously sat and designed some furniture ideas, we chose to join the competition and add some more designs tothe furniture series.

The Roman Chair.



The chair consists of a bent U-shaped timber which means that it has both the seat and arm rests for a while. On the back there are 2 leather pieces that are attached to the armrests backs.

The legs consist of a bent metal that is screwed to the middle. All legs of the armchair are identical.

The idea behind the design was to produce an elegant sit-lounge chair with few parts and a passable price.

Two of these armchairs can also make a topersonerssofa. When setting them side by side removes the chair legs in the middle and screws along the armrests

Animation VR. More information on animation VR

Sofatable - Fjord table


The table top is round 100 cm in diameter and 8 cm high edge. The legs consist of four L-shaped metal rods that are screwed together in the middle. The 8 cm high edge can therefore decide for yourself if you want a high edge on the table or no border. The legs can also turn around.

The design: simple, classic, with different design options. Single producing and comfortable wrapping


Dining chair - Marstrand chair

The chair comprises three flexible parts in the timber. Two of the parts are identical, the only side pieces that are flipped. They are composed with 3 center part, which act as back legs and back. Simple to manufacture and assemble without any glue or screws.

Dining - Marstrand table

The legs of the dining table was inspired by the back of the dining chair. Two parts that follow one another and are attached in the same way as the seat. There must not be screwed or glued. Inside-pieces for the legs can be turned around and thus make a different kind expression. The table top is inspired by the legs which also consists of two pieces. The top plate can be made in glass and one can see the wooden board underneath.

Tea table

Tea table with the same DNA as dining chair. 3 part 2 of them are identical to the sidewalls and with a hill in the tree in the middle that holds it all together. The two side pieces can be used separately, as stool and middle piece that hill
Animation VR. More information on animation VR

Wall-clock / art

The idea behind this accessory is make a simple piece of art for the wall, which at the same time is a discreet watch.

Nips - Candlesticks / Vases / Bowl


The idea of the trinkets was to make a series with the same DNA.

Candlesticks, which can be used for candles and tea lights. The design consists of an elongated cylindrical shape. The center of is a circle that goes back to the various products.


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