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3D design concept • April 2010

  • The client needed a designer and 3D modeller to build up the concept bike cycle in 3D.
  • Due to lack of funding the project stopped.
  • The year later I redesigned some details on the bike.


Due to several years where Mr. Litho José Nericcio has tried to cheat and deceive in the design and dance industry, there is a longer description of my and others' experiences in the collaboration with Mr. Litho José Nericcio further down the page after the illustrations.


3D Illustrations of redesign from 2011.


Animation VR. More info about animations VR.

The work with Lith Litho Nericcio.


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The 13th of April 2010 I got a phone call from Mr. Litho Nericcio.
Litho told me that he got my name through some engineers from Hong Kong.

  • I have no idea who in Hong Kong who would recommend me since I at the time didn’t had any contact with anyone in Hong Kong.

I was wandering why Litho spoke English to me since he called from a Copenhagen phone number. Litho explained that he was Brazilian who had lived in Sweden some years and now his girlfriend had started, at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.

Even that my first impression was positive on Litho then I was about to find out his real personality.

  • Therefore make sure to sit comfortable to read the story of a man who havs and still are cheated a lot after Litho came to Denmark from Sweden back in April 2010.

When I found out there was something strange going on I started to write this blog description about Litho Nericcio. Over the time I have edited it since it is a never-ending story about a guy with loads of strange concept ideas that turns out to be a major fraud from LIthos site.


First mail from Litho  

Years later and Litho are still active.



More than 10 years later I started the project with Litho and I found out he was trying to cheat on me. Litho are still very active in the design business where he tries to cheat and defraud designers around the world.

Designers, dancers, and other creative people around the world are still contacting me, since they found this description, which is the reason I have not removed the description yet and finaly now agian used time to translate it from Danish into English.

Litho are not only active within the design business. Litho are a man who have been around in many kinds of creative industries, not only in the design industry but also in the dance industry and the music industry etc.

  • The last years he had started up a website with all his activities called

In November 2020, I received a letter from the Danish Police stating that the Police had tried to investigate this description. It turned out that Litho reported me to the police around 30th of April 2020, with an argument that I should have written untrue information about Litho.

Unfortunately this story is very true, and unfortunately it has been important for me to warn others about Litho.

Furthermore, it is not a pleasure to have this blog description on my website. Unfortunately, it is necessary as Litho never paid for the first phase, plus went into my website a few years later and used my illustrations on his own website.

Therefore, this description are still active since it is important to warn about Lithos actions. just like we do on a Facebook group, where the number of members are still increasing, year after year.


The inquiry.



Back in April 2010, Litho contacted me since he had a concept on a bicycle that he wanted me to draw and illustrate for him.

We agreed that Litho could send me an email and that he could come around for meeting the next day. A meeting that should have been around 11 am, but was postponed several times during the day and was held after 4 pm or later that day. Therefore, I spent much of the day waiting for Litho to come by. The explanations were that there was some cargo at the airport LItho had to pick up.

My first impression of Litho was that he looked a bit like a hip-hop gangster from New York. But an extremely eloquent nice man who came in the clothes he claimed himself to have designed plus that he took the shoes off before he entered my flat, without taht I asked him to take them of.

  • Generally a good first impression I got on Litho. But that was about to change later on.

Litho showed the clothing he had designed through his MacBook and told that he were selling his brand in Sweden, France (actually he said Paris), Russia, Germany and soon several southern European countries.

Litho chose, to my surprise, showing a great deal of his private life in pictures. For instance that he had a larger house in Stockholm, which he claimed to rent out to a larger Swedish company now. Since Litho now lived in Denmark, he told that he was currently looking for a larger flat in Copenhagen.

Some of the private pictures Litho showed me was a Cessna plane which he claimed that he had parked in Monaco plus he also claimed he had a larger yacht, however he showed a picture of a smaller catamaran where the pictures was taken from a beach and no pictures which showed him on board the boat.

It then became even more extravagant when Litho also told that his mother had a Lear-Jet plane, which Litho told was very normal in his network, to have a plane each in the family. Litho told that his mother exported coffee and chocolate to Sweden.

When I heard about Litho's rich lifestyle, I naturally thought that it was a customer that I could really get a bigger project out of, since Litho had the money for it. Litho did not mentioned his father while telling about his family, and that was because Litho's father was shot in New York, and therefore has had very few memories of his father when he lost his father when he was four years old.

Litho told that he wanted to VAT register his company in Denmark, as he liked Denmark and the Danes.


The project with Litho. 



After Litho's family stories, I finally had the chance to see what it was he wanted me to design. I quickly noticed that Litho did not have a privacy statement, which I chose after I saw the drawings to mention for him.

It turned out to be a bicycle where the idea was some integrated USB. In general Litho had the basic idea on the design of the bike by having some simple side view drawings. Therefore we agreed that what he needed from me was some 3D illustrations.

I agreed with Litho that I would send him an offer regarding payment over email, Which Litho was understandable to.


Follow-up at the meeting with Litho.



In the mail I wrote to Litho, that I would divide the project into 3 phases, explaining how long each phase could be, depending on how many details he wanted.

I wrote that my hourly rate was DKK 400. I did not write that it was excluding VAT and that I would add VAT. I assumed that Litho knew about VAT rules in Scandinavia as Litho had now lived in Sweden for ten years.

When Litho said he was a company, I did not have to write in the mail according to Danish law that my price was without VAT, but that you are aware as a company that VAT would be added on the invoice.

At the same time, I sent a copy of the email Litho had sent to me, to my family, to prove that Litho was ok since some in my family had expressed concerns.

I never got a reply from Litho that he officialy accepted my Danish hourly rate; he only answered the email by saying that he would send more drawings in addition to the drawings he had already sent.

  • According to a lawyer that I have contacted later on, the mail was good enough as a contract since Litho openend the mail and replied to the mail, probably also having attached some pictures.

First phase.



Within these two weeks I worked on the project, I saved a lot of hours that I earlier had 3D modelled a tire to cars, which I just then made narrower, so the bike had a tire with tire pattern.

On the other hand, I had to spend a lot of hours redrawing the side view drawings, since Lithos own could not be used as a basis for 3D modelling.

During the period I had been working on the project, I sent some updated photos to Litho. Images that were screenshots from my 3D program of how the process went. Pictures where I put some watermarks over the pictures by writing the date on, and those pictures were not be used officially. A few years later I found out that Litho had used these screenshots.

After two weeks of work I sent the first invoice to Litho. An invoice that explained what kind of details I had done, and that it was a total of 33.5 hours that had been spent on the first phase. An invoice, which was sent by e-mail on the 2nd of May 2010.

Therefore the invoice looked like this:

33.5 Hours of work times 400 Dkr DKr. 13400
  VAT 25% DKr. 3350
  Total DKr. 16750
Mail showing the first invoice on the first phase.  

The first and strange experiences with Litho.


Some days after I sent Litho the first invoice he hadn’t reacted yet. Therefore I called Litho to ask if he had received the invoice, which he answered yes to, but Litho was a bid unsure about where the price on the invoice was.

When Litho found out where the price on in the invoice was he suddenly asked why on earth there was VAT included on the Invoice, since Litho argued he never paid a bill with VAT when he was making business with Russian and French companies.

Therefore Litho asked me to find out if Litho needed to pay Danish VAT to when doing business in Denmark with a Dane.

I called up the Danish tax system (SKAT), to find out if SKAT had an English version of the taxes and VAT laws regarded foreigners who would like to start up companies in Denmark. Of course S KAT had a longer PDF file, which explained very pedagogically how the VAT rules were put together.

I told SKAT why I asked about the rules and the man I spoke to laughed that Litho would not pay VAT, and joked about how in the world Litho could survive in Denmark if Litho would not pay VAT and tax.

I e-mailed the pdf file to Litho, a mail Litho never replied on. Litho could have said thank you since I did the research for him for free.


Litho’s s mysterious family and advisers. 


A few days later I sent Litho the pdf file from SKAT, he called me and told that his investors had decided that the investors were shocked over my price, and that they would only pay me up to DKK 20,000 more. I never found out if it was before or after Danish VAT.

  • Concerning the next phase it was never started up since Litho never paid for the first phase,

The first impatience. 


Litho Nericcio.  

Since I hadn’t received any payment from Litho nor had he called and apologist or explained why he hadn’t paid yet, I therefore chose the 31st of May to send him an email that I wanted him to pay. I wrote in the mail I expected him to before Friday the 4th of June 2010. I further wrote in the mail that if he did not pay me before that date I would load the drawing on my website and write that it was my own spare time project.

I first got a reply from Litho the 4th of June, where he wrote that he wrote that he did not agree that he was threatened and that he was in Abu Dhabi and if I uploaded the drawings online he would certainly not pay me. Which Litho wrote in capital letters.

I did not expect that Litho would be happy that I had sent him a warning / reminder mail. I chose to answer Litho that if he could give me a date where he would pay, I could easily wait, as long as he could mention a last date and that it should preferably be no later than June 30, 2010, due to the half-year VAT return, among other things. Litho never replied to that email.

Mail from Litho that he was in Abu Dhabi, but it was just one of his many lies.    

Another payment solution.



The 10th of June 2010, I sent a mail to Litho which was about that I could avoid paying Vat to the invoice if he had a company registered outside EU for instance in Brazil and he then paid from a Bank in Brazil.

However, I wrote in the mail that if he wanted it that way I would add some extra fee amount to the bill, I did not mention how much it could be. As for the extra fee, I have joked to some in my network that I could add for instance 25% on top of the amount.

Not surprisingly, it was a mail Litho never answered. Therefore I called Litho the 16th of June 2010. An 8 min long talk with Litho where he came up with one apology after another, around 10 apologies he came up with. Litho said among other things that he was still in Abu Dhabi and he had not received any emails for a few days when his web hotel was down which he told was I have had some web pages via and sometimes's web server could be down for a few hours a few times, but not for several weeks, as Litho told me on a good connection via his mobile claiming he was in the Middle East.

  • A phone talk I called over skype and had recorded. The recorded file can be sent by mail, but let me sum up what was said in the conversation.

In the conversation Litho said that he was rich and his mother was also rich so therefore he knew what he was talking about and, yes he said that he knew everything and that I should not teach him how the system worked etc.

Not to forget Litho told me that his financial advisor was very shocked since he argued that my bill was too high, which meant that litho also became very shocked concerning my bill.

I Therefore asked Litho where in the world his financial advisors were from, which Litho didn’t mean was important to answer me, but I think he said they was Swedish living outside Sweden and EU.

The next information Litho had to tell me was that his brother was a lawyer and he knew how to run a business, plus using the argument that he was from a rich family.

I further told Litho in the conversation with him that I had talked to quite a lot of people about his arguments of not paying Danish VAT. Litho answered me that it was only Copenhageners I had talked to and that it was not people outside Denmark I had talked to and therefore Litho argued that they did not know anything about the rules within the EU and the outside world. Litho's explanation made me laugh a little, but did not answer his argument.

In the meantime, while I was waiting for Litho to pay me, I have had many calls to connections abroad, and among other things told the story about Litho. Everyone in my network has agreed with me on the VAT rules in this regard, including Swedes who have tried to shop outside Sweden. In addition, I have spoken to a contact from the southern United States who is originally from Honduras who told me that a number of Brazilians can behave in the same way as Litho.

In the conversation, Litho said that he also that the Swedish VAT rules are much better than the Danish ones. Some arguments that small Swedish companies do not have to pay VAT. Here I answered briefly that it was probably companies that had not registered for VAT. It should be noted that we are both on Danish soil and that Litho has from the beginning expressed that he would register for VAT in Denmark. Therefore, it is quite stupid and silly to complain that Danish rules are awkward in relation to a possible Swedish rule that may not exist at all, or is just undeclared work by avoiding VAT, etc.

  • As far as I have noticed Litho first registered a VAT company in Denmark in July 2013.

One of the last excuses in the telephone conversation, Litho argued, was that he knew the EU rules well as he certainly believed that he was born before Denmark became a member of the EU. Later I found out that Litho are 3 years older than me from 1974. Denmark became a member of the EC / EU in the beginning of 1973.

I told about the conversation to my parents who did not believe that Litho could have said such strange things in such a short time. My parents replied to me that it was probably just me who was not good enough to run a business and that my parents should now again needed to help to help and guide me in the project.

Therefore sent the file with the phone conversation to my parents so they had the opportunity to hear the phone call. My parents apologized kindly to me after hearing the conversation and admitted that they could not imagine a customer could do such a crazy conversation. Plus my parents were impressed how patient and kind I was in the conversation.

  • My parents reaction when I informed them about the phone call with Litho are often how people first react. It is difficult to imagine that Litho could say what he did.
Pictures loaded on facebook, after I had waited too long that Litho not paying me.  

The summer 2010 came and went.


Within June 2010 I started researching if I could register Litho in the RKI database, a system in Denmark where you registrar people who doesn’t pay their bills. From advice from Lawyers they recommended me not to do it since it would be too expensive to registrar him.

On the evening of June the 30th 2010, I was at my previous part-time job in a near by local supermarket where groceries had to be counted due to half-yearly accounting. Suddenly when counting, I met Litho who was out shopping, I therefore went over to Litho and asked if he had had a good trip to Abu Dhabi, which he replied that he had great trip and that the next day he was about to go on another business trip. Therefore Litho was quite busy to do shopping, for instance a lot of milk.

The interesting part are that the two mornings a week I worked in the supermarket, I had told my colleagues about Litho and his strange excuses.

When I finally spoke to Litho in the supermarket that evening a colleague told me that he had noticed Litho nearly every day in the store within the last month at the same time Litho had told to me that he was away in Abu Dhabi.

Why did Litho shop in the local supermarket that was so close to where I lived, when I tried to avoid me telling that he was in the Middle East?

I just got confirmed that Litho was lying to me, by the fact that my colleagues had noticed him. My colleague told me that he had noticed Litho Nericcio nearly every day in the supermarket because Litho had such a unique dress plus the bling bling jewelry he was wearing plus his cool styled beard.

The strange part by talking to Litho in the local supermarket was that I tried to tell him that I was worried about that he hadn’t paid me yet. Litho did not mean I should be worried, or as he nearly express it a bit in a reggae attitude "Don’t worry be happy" way.

Further more Litho then argued that I had sent him a mail saying that I would come up with a new cheaper price, which I have never done. But Instead I have sent a mail asking him about what he wanted instead to pay me a mail he neither have replied on.


Dance instructor at a Danish dance school while Litho claimed he was in the Middle East.


A few days before I meet Litho in the local supermarket, I called up a dance studio based north of Copenhagen. I spoke to the owner of the Dance studio since I could see onntheir website that they had Litho as a dancing instructor.  He was described with name and picture on their website so it was easy for me to Google Litho to the website.

I called the dance studio and asked if there were still dance lectures with the Brazilian guy, which the owner answered yes to. I was told it was the last lecture this coming week. While Litho claimed he was in the Middle East, he could apparently still teach dancing in a Danish studio north of Copenhagen every Wednesday.

I was considering attending the dance lecture, to surprise Litho, but choose not to meet up.





On July the 7th 2010, I started to translate the first version the current Danish description of my experiences with Litho into English, and choose at the same time when I had talked to a lawyer whom directly encouraged me to load the drawings online. The lawyer further said that it could be difficult to bring a case against Litho, as he may have had his company registered abroad and I could therefore be forced to have an English lawyer who was more expensive than Danish.

I sent a mail to Litho attached with a draft of the Enlish description. I wrote to Litho that he had to pay ASAP if he didn’t well I would then load the description on my website.

I further wrote that I had been very patient with Litho, but now it was enough. I wrote that if Litho wanted to contact me he should email me and not call. Litho never responded to the email. Instead Litho chose to call twice, where I did not pick up the phone.

Concerning the English description, I have not had it on my website for several years, since I have worked on the Danish version from time to time since Litho are very active meaning that I have to update the description. Therefore the English version are now back in January 2020.


Threats from Litho and the police involved.



The 17th of July 2010 I chose to call Litho to ask him not to call me. It turned out to be a very unpleasant call, which ended with him threatening me. Luckily again I was recording the phone talk over my Skype.  Interesting is that Litho mentions two or three times that we do not have a contract and it seems clear that this is something he has strongly speculated within.

  • If interested I can send the recorded file over mail.

To sum up the conversation, Litho picked up the phone while he was in a group of people as there are people in the background (maybe he was in the local supermarket to buy milk), therefore you can hear some people in the background and I wonder why Litho then raises his voice, plus he threatens me over the phone when other people can hear him.

The phone talk started that Litho wondered why I am first called him back after a week he tried to call me twice. Litho told me that he wanted to call me back instead I asked Litho send me an e-mail, but he wanted to call instead which I didn’t answer him on. Therefore, Litho managed to say his opinion about my latest attempt to get him to pay by having translated this description into English.

Litho commented that I was not allowed to use his name online, plus he to my surprise had informed and showed his mother the draft and by his argument his mother was angry that I had written the description with Litho.

I then asked what Lithos mother actually said after she had read how difficult her son had been towards a Dane who had tried to follow the Danish tax rules Denmark.

Litho claimed that his mother was angry about my description that she would use all her lawyers against me, with an argument that it could harm her firm. I asked if she had read my description, here Litho replied that we had no contract, which he mentioned twice in a row. I have via a lawyer been informed that my first email to Litho with my price offer were enough to be a contract since Litho responded to the email by having attached pictures and therefore in theory had read the email by opening and replying back on the mail.

After Lithos argument about no contract, you can hear a sigh on my part that I'm getting pretty tired of Litho. In my sigh, I asked what his mother's company was called, sine I claimed it was such a world famous company. Again if it was such a big world established company why can I find nothing about it online.

Instead of answering exactly what Lithos mother's company was called plus a web address for the company, Litho replied with that I could not get it.

I then tried to use the RKI threat and said it nervously and a little mumbling and made RKI sound pretty stupid in English. When I tried to explain the RKI ideology that if you did not pay you could be listed for 8 years. Litho replied that he was quite uninterested in it, and replied that I could do what I wanted to do, but he would not pay anyway when I would not be so kind and follow what Litho would.

I tried to explain to Litho that until now I had been waiting 2.5 months to get the money from him on the first stage and I ask him how long I should wait longer, where my voice sounds even more tired. To that question, Litho again chooses to answer that we had no contract, while I tried to interrupt him, where he went on to say if I chose that path, I could talk to Litho's lawyer. I replied that I did not mind talking to Litho's lawyer, who was probably his brother, and I did not mind talking to his mother. I started here myself, being provocative and quite indifferent to what we were talking about, that I also did not care that his mother was rich I just want my money.

In the conversation, I continued to seem indifferent by using the advice of an acquaintance who suggested me, to say that I had found some others who would continue the project with me and that they even wanted to pay me, which is a little about which can be seen inside my Facebook profile via a loose talk about a status I have written about the project at the time. I get here again a surprising reaction from Litho's side, partly because Litho now actually had to think a little before he made his threat.

Litho's threat was rather strange, but Litho started by saying that he hoped I could sleep well at night, which he says twice. Already at that time I could hear that it was a threat and I thanked him for the threat.

What Litho threatened me with was really strange since what he actualy said was that if he met me on the street in the near future, I would regret that I was Danish. I replied to him and casually said that it was good he said it since I had just recorded the whole conversation (Later I have taken this threat very casually as the way Litho says the threat is slightly comical). Litho replied that he did not care that I had recorded the conversation, to which Litho replied that he also had recorded the conversation, therefore I have not asked Litho if he wanted me to send the file with the conversation.

Since I was a bid tired of speaking to Litho asked him if I could talk to his mother instead, since Litho constantly talked about his mother and brother.  Of course Litho could not see any reason that I should speak to his mother. Instead Litho suggested talking to my mother instead. Even that I could not see a reason why Litho should talk to my parents I was nearly giving him their phone number.

The conversation ended up in discussing who should talk to the other's mother. Before Litho choose to interrupt the phone connection, he might have said the word bitch, but I'm not quite sure what he said before the word if he said it.

I choose to send Litho a follow up mail to that it is illegal to threat people in Denmark and that I would report him to the Police.

The Police advised me over the phone to come after the week, since over the weekend it could be busy at the Police station. Therefore I had time over the weekend to hear the phone conversation a few times. The more I heard the phone conversation the more fun and strange it became. The Police wrote a report but argued that I was also provoking Litho in the phone conversation and therefore they could not that much more.


Lithos evil twin brother.

When I came home from the police, Litho had replied the email I wrote after his threat on Saturday. The email contained no reaction that Litho was sad about the situation or whether he was sorry about his behaviour.

Instead Litho wrote that he didn’t know who I was and he wandered why I had sent him that many mails the last two months. Litho even wrote that he was the wrong receiver and all the emails from me that might be to another Person (Emails can be displayed).

I could not stop myself from answering mail by using some sarcasm, I wrote that it might be that it was his evil twin brother instead who had pretended to be his successful innovative brother, and thus spent his successful brother's name. I regretted his twin brother had used his brother's name, as it was a pretty good project I had been given but that it did not come to anything, as I was never paid for the 1st phase.

Mail where Litho argues that I have mailed to the wrong person.    

Negotiation insurance. 



In late July 2010, I arranged an agreement with an insurance company that would try to negotiate with Litho. In early September 2010 the company decided to abandon the negotiation with Litho since they could not find out where he lived and what country he was in, etc.

I must admit that I will probably never get money out of Litho. Therefore I chose after some good advices from network, including a lawyer, that I loaded the drawings online, and use the drawings for my portfolio.

A year later, I finished the project in two days and changed some details that were more the style I liked about the bike. I dropped the idea that there should be a USB connection on the handlebars.

I clearly wrote on the pictures that they were mine including my logo in the right corner. Due to my googleling skills, I have made sure that if one searches on Litho José Nericcio that my warning images and web pages come at the top of the search. Of this I have received a number of inquiries over time from people who also have been cheated and deceived by Litho.


What have I learned, and who is actually Litho Nericcio.


What I learned from this, I would say a lot, among other things to write a standard contract you can give a potential customer that you follow Danish law on VAT, among other things, and on rights, etc.

Over time I have found out that Litho in no way have an education as a designer. But he can dance and been a dance instructor many times. At the time he was my client he worked as a dance instructor. In the beginning the owner of the dance institute did not want to hear my negative stories about Litho.

Later on I came on Facebook with the owner of the dance institute and the owner invited me on a Facebook group warning about Litho.

Why it took longer for the dance school to have issues with Litho could there be many reasons for, among other things, Litho was employed at the dance school and was thus paid as an employee, whereas for me it was Litho hired me for the task and was difficult for two weeks after I had met him when there were signs that he would not pay me.

Through this, I have also since been confirmed that in the period when Litho imagined that he was in the Middle East that he had always been in Denmark. Furthermore, I have through the dance institute been told that sometimes Litho might use several different names, due to the argument that his father was once shot.

I can only be thankful that Litho used the same name to me as he did to dancing school, because otherwise it could have been difficult to find the dance school and get a network of people who got some of the same difficulties as I have had with Litho. In addition, the dance school could have simply mentioned that they had a Brazilian dancer without having mentioned Litho's name.

Furthermore, I have found out that Litho's mother is not rich at all, but that she may be working as an expatriate at the Brazilian consulate in Monaco or somewhere in the area in southern France. I was told about Litho's mother via a dancer who had contacted me because she had googled the Danish description.

I have also found out that Litho may have been a backup dancer for Will Smith, acording to some media Plus that in some Swedish media who also wrote that Litho have done something for Madonna. Maybe Litho did not backup dance for Will Smith at all, but that Litho thought he just looked like someone standing in the background, because it could look that Litho could be in the dark background there are some black men who are dancing in background.

January 2011 I found out that Litho was not married at all and did not have a child, I could see this via a website where he applied for housing and there wrote that he was single without children, which he wrote in Danish not to forget.

It turned out that Litho for a long period of time has failed to pay rent to her who rented out her flat to him and that he had changed the locker to the flat. After several attempts to get Litho out, he moved out a year later, but on the day he moved out, many resources were spent on him to get him out of the flat such as police, locksmith etc.

More than three times I have been contacted from women who have been dating Litho during the same period he claimed that he was married, where he has borrowed money from the ladies and never got the money back which was around 50/80 thousand kr. per person. Furthermore, I have been told by one of the ladies who contacted me that Litho on his Facebook should have warned others about me that I was a big scammer and psychopath.

Within the time I started to google and research Litho, I have also visited his Facebook a few times as well as other platforms he was on during that period.

When I first meet Litho he told about his rich lifestyle. He claimed he had a plane and a yacht. The same pictures were also on his Facebook profile, which were open pictures that everyone could see.

In the pictures where Litho was standing next to a small private plane, Litho also had pictures of the whole plane and thus also with the plane's registration tail number.

Since I as a child have been lucky to fly in a private plane. As well as later tried to take glider certificate, I know that you can google aircraft tail numbers and find pictures of the aircraft on the Internet.

Therefore, I googled the planes tail number that Litho claimed was his plane. It turned out that this aircraft was an aircraft that was used in flight shows around the world and flew together with another show aircraft. The owner was not Litho. The pilot of the plane was a white man. Plus I even found the name of the owner to the plane on some plane spotter websites.

Therefore, I could conclude that Litho had been to an air show, and stood next to a small private aircraft. It also turned out that the plane was not a Cesna plane as Litho had told me when I met him. That Litho on some of his facebook pictures were sitting in a Learjet plane was also at the same air show, which you could see that he was wearing the same clothing as those where he was standing in front of the small plane. This is of course one thing I commented on Litho's Facebook profile and shortly after I was blocked.

Not to forget there is no airport in Monaco only a helipad where people can be flown to Nice Airport whcih takes around 7 minutes.


Debt collection.



A year later in May 2011, I chose to send a reminder and threaten debt collection. The first reminder I sent was recommended, where Litho should pick up the letter at the post office. Litho choice to refuse to accept the letter, and I got the letter back.

The odd thing about sending the letter, as a recommended letter was that the letter never came out on any postal route since I delivered the letter to the same post office that Litho received it at.

Only trip the letter had was that it was returned to me.

When I sent the letter recommended I also sent a copy of the letter by e-mail to Litho.

The second reminder, I enclosed the first reminder in the letter. I sent the letter as ordinary mail. Litho did not respond it either, later the 3rd reminder was also sent without a response from Lithos site.

Therefore I contacted a debt collection lawyer,, in which the lawyer tried hard to get in touch with Litho. In a response from the lawyer in an email, the lawyer told a very appropriate sentence about Litho.

Email Quote from the debt collection lawyer:
"It sounds like it could be difficult to recover the amount from him. He sounds like a professional utopian”

After working at the dance school, Litho later worked in the local fitness centre as a dance teacher, which I found out when I was one day over to do some training due to a longer period in 2011 where I used a sports physiotherapist who is affiliated with the fitness center.

At the workout gym, I recognized Litho, but did not believe it was Litho. I then asked my physiotherapist if she had heard of Litho working in the fitness centre where I sent her this description about Litho. My physiotherapist was first shocked to read the description and forwarded the description to the owners of the fitness chain.

It turned out that the fitness chain was about to fire Litho since Litho was about to cheat some employees. For a few days I could see in my web statistics that there were quite a few visits to the website from the fitness chain's server.


Situation in 2014



Within some years I had not noticed Litho that much and had actually downgraded my description about him, since the number of people who contacted me regarding Litho was not that much at the time.

In January 2014 I could see to my surprise that Litho had created a website called On Litho's new website, I noticed that Litho had chosen to load the bike project on his page.  Litho had even been on my website to steal the drawings I did a year later on the bike concept
Litho had even been smart, to cut my logo out of the pictures or to paint my logo over. This was definitely not something I appreciated that Litho had done since he had not paid for the first phase plus that the redesign I did in 2011 have nothing to do with him at all.

On Lithos website there were also the process pictures I had sent him while I was working on the project, where I had added watermarks over the pictures, in which some of the process pictures were divided up since I had at the time put some pictures together in one jpg file. On the watermark I had written the dates when I sent the files to Litho.

I contacted the web designer who had made the web page for Litho. The web designer was shocked to hear the story and would immediately delete the featured images from Lithos web page.

Litho did pay the web designer for his work.



Screenshot of Lithos first website where he had been on my website and stolen my pictures from my site. On Lithos website there were also the process pictures I had sent him while I was working on the project, where I had added watermarks over the pictures, in which some of the process pictures were divided up since I had at the time put some pictures together in one jpg file. Why Litho used his own side view drawings, I can only wonder since they were not that pretty.


Lithos many SoMe profiles.


Litho nericcio, pay artist  

While looking at Lithos web site I was also having a look at his many social profiles, where I found a lot of pictures the bike project and claimed it was his project, by using pictures from my website.

Not to forget that Litho even had a picture on one of his profiles saying that you also have to pay artists.

When I pointed this out publicly on his SoMe pages that he did not own the images or the project, Litho's SoMe platforms were quickly made into either closed profiles or the profiles were deleted.

Litho claimed in an email to me that he had never used my illustrations, even though I told him I had screenshots of Litho's SoMe profiles and his website.

At the time Litho had registered his VAT registration through a jewelry designer who I tried to contact via an SMS but would not tell me LIthos phone number, which made her nervous or wondering that I was texting her. Since I tried to contact Lithos girlfriend he therefore called my mobile the 25th of January 2014 in the morning from a secret number

Some of the many pictures Litho had loaded on one of his SoMe profiles.    
Example from Litho's many SoMe profiles, where he showed my illustrations. Before I noticed the pictures on his profiles, Litho's pictures were public, but quickly became like a closed group when I commented the pictures. Since then, some of his SoMe profiles have been closed down.

Unfortunately a conversation I could not record, since I didn’t knew how to record on my mobile. A very strange conversation where Litho started by saying that I had two minutes to explain why I was trying to contact him.

A conversation where Litho expressed that I could use all the lawyers I wanted since Litho did not care at all. Litho claimed among other things that it was me who was the psychopathically affected, etc.

In a follow-up email to Litho I wrote that since he now used my design illustrations without permission from me, and that he had now used my time for about four years, I calculated the bill for him that the bill was now over a million Danish kroner without VAT.

I still have a copy of the mail and can send a copy.

On the same day Litho called me I wrote with a designer who told me that Litho had previously contacted him where Litho found him via the Danish design school, and that Litho wanted him to design a motorcycle.  The project never started since the designer started asking Litho about some technical things that Litho never found out. The Designer found Lithos behaviour strange and therefore suspected fraud.


Another example of Litho's many SoMe profiles where I publicly commented on his pictures which were my illustrations I drew in 2011. Illustrations that have nothing to do with Litho.    

To warn about Litho Nericcio.

litho nericcio, warn about Litho,  

Therefore there is only one thing to do and that is to warn about Litho, since he is still active cheating and defrauding designers and other creative people around the world.

Therefore, I have chosen to publish the entire description on my website where I got my own design, as it is very important to me to point out that Litho has nothing to do with my redesign from 2011, plus that Litho has no rights to show my illustrations at all as he has never paid.

In general, Litho have over the years contacted many designers I know, and all have wondered about Lithos behavior.

Once a designer from Asia contacted me because he was contacted by Litho to design a car to Litho with an explanation that Litho had lost some drawings in a fire and therefore needed someone to draw some new drawings to him. It turned out that Litho had copied a car concept at the time and then wanted someone else to draw on the concept in his style.

Therefore, I have several times thought if Litho took the bike concept from someone who already had such a concept.

From one of Litho's many Facebook updates as it was a more open profile. The update can probably still be found inside his profile.    

2018, people still contacting me because of Litho.


At the end of 2018, I was again contacted because of Litho. When Litho wanted to start a dance school in Sweden, but that he, after starting some things up for Litho, had not heard from Litho later on.

The rumour had been that in Sweden, all dance schools have made sure to warn about Litho. Whether it is true or not I do not know, but 8 years later I got to know Litho it is impressive how active Mr. Litho José Nericcio is in his activities. Right now his activities are very active.


In 2019 surprise Litho still active.



February 2019, new members joined the Facebook group about Litho and our experiences about Litho.

Now he had started a dance school somewhere in Sweden far out in the countryside and tried to cheat a lot of hopeful dancers.


2020 teen years later and the story are continuing.


2020 will probably be a year most people will remember the year as Corona shutdown, but certainly also an active year for Litho I think.

I wrote back in April on the Facebook group that it seemed like that April was a month where Litho was very active, and he has certainly been here ten years after he approached me. Litho reported to the police on April 30 2020, which the police will not make me aware of until November.

In 2020, many new members have also joined the Facebook group. One crazy story after another. For instance Litho are now using an extra name like Enzo Nerriccio.

With in 2020 around 15 became new members of the Facebook group out of 36 members.


The many websites by Litho.


Litho nericcio,  

Litho's web pages following some active others stopped latter on. Some of the pages that were websites I already knew about, plus there were some pages I also knew about that I have added here latter on since other people have mentioned them in the Facebook group about him.

Lithos websites

  • - Litho's first official website, it is currently inactive. It was the web page where I found out he had used my drawings.
  • - Very active site where Litho and his wife Cristina are trying to be big on big with a lot strange fake companies.
  • - website about booking dancers and models not active anymore.
  • - Dance school in Skövde - Clossed Swedish website, has apparently been stopped when people found out that there was something wrong with Litho.
  • - Lithos possible clothing design, but a website that also hs been closed down lter on.
  • - Litho's possible electronics website, where the products look like something he had taken from Apple and put his own logo on, website also closed down later
  • - Previous web page where Litho tried with transport design, but it is doubtful if it was his own design. In the website it was written that the main address was based in New york.


Various Facebook profiles.

  • - Lithos private facebook profile maybe not active anymore. Officially, Litho has blocked me via this profile, but I could follow publicly in his profile via an extra profile I once had.
  • Nericcio CoLtd - Yet another facebook profile operatedby Litho.
  • Nericcio World - Profile that does not appear to be active.
  • DjBlanco Litho - A facebook profile where Litho showed off his DJ skills. The profile has not been active for a long time.


Linkedin profiles.


Twitter profiles.

  • @LithoNericcio - Profile that Litho first had as open tweets, but is now closed after I revealed him in using my illustrations back in 2014. I have via my twitter profile tried to request to follow Litho, I have not been given the opportunity yet. Therefore, I assume that either his twitter profile is inactive or Litho is trying to hide something via his twitter profile..
  • @RealLitho - Inactive never used, I am the only one who follows this profile.


Other SoMe profiles


Websites where Litho is mentioned.


Impressed as Litho has created so many web pages and gets of positive publicity in much of it, but there is also a reason why some of the pages have been shut down.

if you have been or are about tobe cheated by Litho, you can become member of the facebook group about Litho, where we share experiences about Litho's business methods.


Litho's many facebook profiles plus the group that warns about Litho and where we share experiences can also be found by searching Litho over facebook. The overview has been searched for an extra facebook profile I have previously had.


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