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Søfart | Drømmen om et skib med vinger.

blue technology, Brian Boserup, bæredygtighed, grøn teknologi, containerskibe, den maritime fond, roug design   Article published the 29th October 2018.

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The Danish maritime fond | 1 million Danish kroner.

blue technology, Brian Boserup, bæredygtighed, grøn teknologi, containerskibe, den maritime fond, roug design   2nd October 2018.

The Danish maritime fond have supported project one million D.Kr to "prove of research" til vingesejlet formgivning.


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  | Blue Technology reveals zero-emission vessel type that harnesses wind power.

blue technology,, Brian Boserup, zero emission, green tech, shipping   Article written the 3rd of september 2018,

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  | Blue technology and the ship of the future.

vingesejl   3rd of August 2018

A description of my work on the project, is described below from the article


The People Behind the Liberty

It has been a 10-year development journey for Brian Boserup, who has had assistance from Lars Roug (3D-Illustrater) to visualize the concept. Naval architects, universities, and a number of seafarers and other stakeholders have contributed to mature the original ideas.

Blue Technology is now advised by a board representing major players across the shipping industry, including Henrick O. Madsen, the former president and CEO of DNV-GL, Lars Robert Pedersen, the Deputy Secretary General of BIMCO, Niels Bjørn Mortensen, a former director from Maersk, Sofia Fürstenberg, the Business Development Manager for Nor-Shipping, Søren Vinther Hansen, the COO of Vessel Performance Solutions, and Hans Otto Kristensen, a leading naval architect and environmental consultant for the shipping industry.


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Racecar Engineering | Aquila's social engineering project.

  January 2014

The engineering magazine, Racecar Engineering wrote and article about the design competition held by Aqula Racing Cars. In the article the seven finalists names were mentioned.

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More about my participation in the competition

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JydskeVestkysten | Suitcase can tell its own weight.

Lars Roug - JydskeVestkysten   14th of November 2006

A local Danish newspaper has written an article about me at the official opening ceremony of House of Innovation in Kolding. The reception where opened by the Danish minister of Economic and Business Affairs.

The article was written in Danish, but I have translated the article to English.


Suitcase can tell its own weight.

What about a suitcase that can tell its own weight, in order to avoid paying sour money for expensive overweight at the airport. Or what about a wall that exists in transitional patterns, so different patterns imperceptibly can melt together.

Lars Roug and Lene Toni Kjeld have both made very tangible examples of innovation. While Lars is working to get his invention into production, Lene’s already out in stores.

The two hired into the V25, which is Business Kolding's entrepreneurial environment, and are good examples of those who use the House of Innovation. They are happy with environment.

- You can get coaching, you are better able to develop your ideas. And then you get your self a network, "says Lars Roug.

- It is also good to have a community and a place to be home. It is important to have a network, Lene noted.

Martin Egede Jensen, Torben Kjær Madsen, who develops retailing on the Internet and a production management system, Six Sigma, agree .

- It is important to have a strong network and someone who can give a second opinion on your ideas, says Torben.

The former Danish Minister of Economic and Business Affairs.

The former Danish Minister of Economic and Business Affairs Mr. Bendt Bendtsen was the opening speaker at the opening of House of innovation, and also quoted in the article with: "It is a place which can be facilitator for entrepreneurs."



The former Danish minister of Economic and Business Affairs, Bendt Bendtsen opene the exhibition. On the photo I am showing the minister my final year projects.   Go back to the top of the page.

Former news letters.


Happy New Year 2011.


    Newsletter sent January the 20th 2011

With the advent of a new year, it is traditionally time to reflect on the year that has past. Before I do so, let me first and foremost wish friends, colleagues, client and business associates the very best for the New Year.

Up to the launching of Nordship Yachts new yacht the 360 DS at the Düsseldorf yacht show in late January, there were a number of articles on various web sites, which showed the 3D illustrations I had 3D modelled. I was especially pleased to read a Norwegian article dated late 2009 stating that two Norwegians had bought the new yacht based on my illustrations.

I was also pleased to see that my 3D illustrations I had 3D modelled were exhibited at the Nordship Yachts stand at Dusseldorf yacht show.

The Nordship 360 DS was well received by the press both before and after the test sailings. Most excitingly, the model is nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2011. It would be exciting and very deservingly for Nordship to run away with the title and I wish Nordship all the best of luck. The winner will be unveiled at the Düsseldorf yacht show - January the 22nd - 30th 2011.

Talking about Nordship - a fellow student from Coventry University e-mailed me mid 2010, to tell me that his chief designer had presented some 3D renderings/illustrations of boats to him, which he liked. He further believed that his employees should take inspiration from these renderings. Incidentally one of these illustrations was my 3D illustration of the Nordship 360 DS. I was pleased and proud that a former fellow student had such high regards for my work.

In April, I was offered what seems to be a major project. Regrettably the client never paid for my services with this experience in mind I have now revisited my standard contract to avoid future similar situations, wasting several months of work in the process.

During the climate summit in Copenhagen (Cop15) in December 2009 I visited an international exhibition called the Bright Green Exhibition. A lot of international companies were present. I started networking with an American company – a process that has continued during 2010. It is an interesting company with good design ideas. They may wish to delegate part of a project to me – hopefully soon.

In August I was on a five-day intensive sketching course, held by car designer David Hilton in Cologne, Germany. The first two days were quick sketch drawing methods. The last three days of the course were spent developing one of the ideas we had sketched the first two days and then either build up the idea as a clay model or a 3D Alias model. I designed a single person jet seaplane. The product is a noisy product a little bid like jet skis. Most people hate them, but the user loves it.

Over the last two years several interesting job applicants, potential business partners or students who would like an internship have contacted me. Most people who have contacted me found my website on Google, and they represent nationalities from all over the world. Obviously, I am pleased to be contacted, and I hope sometime to be able to join some of these individuals professionally.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous year.

Yours sincerely

Lars Roug
BA (hons)

Jet-powered seaplane. The project started with a simple sketch. The top picture is the original idea of the 3D model I made in Cologne. Sadly I could not open the last alias file from the course on my computer, due to some server coding and the rendering images I made down there could not be opened either on my computer. The top rendering is from a previous file, which I could open on my computer. I therefore build up a new model with better details. Click on the picture to view further details.   Go back to the top of the page.

More references from Roug Design.


Roug Design, Lars Roug, Nordship yachts, yacht design, denmark car designer, 3D Resume, yacht design freelance  

Newsletter sent, December 2007

Over the last two years I have contacted Danish and International companies in search of job opportunities, among these your company. Following up on previous contacts, I would like to tell how I have been doing since the latest contact.

To do well in design is about having the right references, and about establishing a wide ranging network. Over the last two years I have worked on establishing references and a valuable network in the design industry.

The latest project was a 3D modelling project for a Danish luxury yacht company - Nordship Yachts.

The brief was to draw a 38-footer yacht in 3D. Based on the drawings the company exceeded its sales expectations and is now in a situation where they have to decline new orders. Consequently, the company withdrew its plans to present the yacht at major boat shows.

Another project for Nordship yacht was to write a report suggesting new innovative ideas with interiors targeting a younger costumer clientele. Nordship Yachts have shown interest in some of the ideas, which hopefully means that soon I will have additional design projects for Nordship Yachts.

Please have a look at the attached jpg file, which shows the 3D illustrations of the Yacht.

I have further completed two short projects for Brahe Design and Moeller Jensen Design - two major Danish design companies.

A few months ago a Danish company that makes accessories to the music industry asked me to work on several freelance projects. The company had found my CV on a Danish job network site and found my international design education interesting.

Since May 2006, I have been connected with V25.
V25 is an entrepreneur house, which coaches and assists young entrepreneurs in establishing professional networks. Through V25 I have gained experience in starting up a company and arrange customer meetings.

When I started at V25 I initially followed up on a project I had worked on during my final year at Coventry. The Idea was to develop a suitcase with a build-in weight scale in the handle. Regrettably, I realised that there was a similar project already patented.

At the moment I work on a network site for Danish Car designers. I hope it will be a popular site for the media and the customers. The ultimate aim is that the site will be a site used by industries looking for automotive designers.

I am looking forward hearing from you and hope that a relationship can be developed either through freelance opportunities or a more permanent employment.

Happy New Year!

Yours faithfully,


Lars Roug
BA (hons) Transport-Product design

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