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Consultant projects.

Own projects.

Consulting projects.

Ilse Jacobsen • Hornbæk | 3D illustrator.
Ilse Jaobsen
• May 2011

  • Created a detailed 3D rendering of the designer’s corporate brand “the rain boot”.


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Own projects.    

stilettos, sexy stilettos, sexy shoes, sexy nike shoes, sexy sports shoes,  

Integrate sports brands with formal stilettos.

The concept behind is that I would like to understand the shape of high heel shoes. My idea was to build up a basic high-heeled shoe up in 3D. From the basic 3D model I would try to integrate sports logos into the shoe, then to design the shoe so it would look like that it was a sports brand that went into the stilettos business. I will then design different shapes of heels.

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