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Consulting projects.


Company not to be disclosed | Concept designer.

Test project with a European mega yacht company • Maj 2011 - Present.

  • The client would like to see concepts of what a 50-meter private yacht could look like.
  • This project remains active from time to time.
  • The yacht company allowed me to show my concepts but not allowing to tell who they are.
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wingsail, shipping, trimaran, zero emission, ship zero emission.  

Blue Technology | Responsible designer.

Design and 3D modelling • Wingsail shipping conceptt • • 2010 - Present.

  • Development of a completely new type of ship which, via the technologies of wing sails, multi-hull and lightweight materials, paves the way for zero emission maritime transport.
  • Since 2010, I have been responsible for illustrations and participated in the development of the design.
  • The concept where first time introduced at the SMM in Hamburg (SMM‚ the worlds leading maritime trade fair at Hamburg Messe) in September 2017, garnering plenty of praise, leading to a establishment skilled advisory board.
  • In 2018, we obtained support from the Danish Maritime Foundation and have since then implemented a “Proof Of Concept” with very promising results.
  • This type of ship can carry large quantities of cargo without the use of fossil fuels and still at a good speed (average 17 knots on a route across the Atlantic).
  • The next loop consists of a JIP that runs over 2021 and 2022 and results in us achieving a TRL6 (Technology Readiness Level 6), after which the EU can take “part ownership” for a period and make sure to spread the technology.
  • Potentially, these ships could reduce world CO2 emissions by 2-3% before we hit 2050.

To view more illustrations click on the picture.

Articles about the concept

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Nordship Yachts ApS | 3D modeling and advisory designer.

Several projects • 3D modelling and concept report • Nordship Yachts • April 2007 - May 2009

  • 2009 • Nordship 360 DS.
    • Conceptualised and created a new 3D model of a luxury yacht with details being repeated from the previous project with Nordship Yachts.
    • The Nordship 360 DS along with 3D illustrations had premiered at the Düsseldorf International Boat Show in Germany - January 2010.
  • 2007 • Nordship 380 DS.
    • 3D modelling of a 38-footer yacht.
    • The 3D work contributed to Nordship Yachts exceeding their sales projections be- fore any yachts were build.
  • 2007 Group concept report
    • Group report on new interior design concepts for yacht interior design.


Click on the picture to view the 3D illustrations.

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Own projects.


Cool plane concepts, flight concept, aviation design, Automotive Design Workshops, David Hilton, Cologne  

Automotive Design Workshops • David Hilton • Cologne

In August 2010 I went for a five-day intensive sketching course, held by car designer David Hilton in Cologne, Germany. The first two days were quick sketch drawing methods. The last three days of the course were spent on developing one of the ideas we had sketched the first two days and then either build up the idea as a clay model or a 3D Alias model. I designed a single person jet seaplane. The product is a noisy product a little bid like jet skis. Most people hate them, but the user loves it.

Jet-powered seaplane. The project started with a simple sketch. The top picture is the original idea of the 3D model I made in Cologne. Sadly I could not open the last alias file from the course on my computer, due to some server coding and the rendering images I made down there could not be opened either on my computer. The top rendering is from a previous file, which I could open on my computer. I therefore build up a new model with better details.

April 2014 I decided to redesign the concept.

More details click on the picture

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